Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PCL Whitehall Surrey Health & RC v Probuild Bristol

Match 9 was all to play for to get a semi-final place. Both teams had players unavailable so here's what happened ...

Lauren Selby v Sarah Jane-Perry
This turned out to be a tight match with Sarah-Jane coming out the blocks quicker and kept ahead in the 1st to take it 11-9. lauren came out in the 2nd hitting a much better length and width and took her opportunities to go short well to take it 11-8. The 3rd was tight again but good power and length from Sarah-Jane who took it 11-7. Lauren re-focused in the break and came out much quicker and started taking the ball much earlier to take control of the match and win the 4th and 5th games 11-2 11-7. An excellent game enjoyed by the crowd.Surrey H &RC 1 Bristol 0

Tim Garner v Theo Anderson
On the adjoining court Tim was playing some excellent squash, moving his opponent to every part of the court to take a 3-0 win 11-4 11-9 11-9.
Surrey H & RC 2 Probuild Bristol 0

Adrian Waller v Ben Rogers
Adrian is in good form at the moment and he was in no mood to hang around and he stormed to a 3-0 win 11-4 11-7 11-6.
Surrey H & RC 3 Probuild Bristol 0

Peter Nicol v Peter Marshall
This was the match of the night with the former World Num 1 and World Num 2 in the clash of the Legends. In the 1st game Peter Nicol came out firing and stormed into a 5-1 lead but Pete Marshall then starting to find an excellent length to edge back and take the 1st game 11-8. The 2nd game was tight to about 6 all and point for point but Peter Nicol then seemed to up the pace a bit and working Pete Marshall much harder and he took the 2nd 11-8.

Now to the 3rd which again was very tight at 7 all but Pete Marshall then took a run of points to have 3 game balls at 10-7, but this is where Peter is so good playing the big points so well and coming back to take the 3rd 13-11. Peter Nicol continued in the 4th to up the pace and move Pete Marshall to all parts of the court and stormed through to take the game 11-6 and the match 3-1.

It was a fantastic game of squash and the crowd enjoyed it very much. Peter Nicol was presented with the Player of the Match Award for his performance.
Surrey H&RC 4 Probuild Bristol 0

Davide Bianchetti v Hadrian Stiff
Davide was at 1 tonight and hoping to finish the job and give us a 5-0 win. This was a tight game but Davide always seemed in control with excellent length and width but Hadrian was counteracting with some excellent drops and kills to the front. Davide ended up taking the match 3-0 11-9 12-10 11-9 and gave us a maximum points win.
Surrey H&RC 5 Probuild Bristol 0

An excellent evening of squash which now secures us a semi-final spot, but before that we play TWP St Georges Hill away on the 16th March.

Pete Smith

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Semi Final Calling

A big match for MB Nottingham, the last home match of the season facing bottom of the league Pontefract, a big win would guarantee play off action.

First on the show court Emma Beddoes faced the in form World No. 12 Vanessa Atkinson. Beddoes fought well, looked to volley and push the pace, Atkinson however was equal to it. She extended a lead 10/6 in the first before Beddoes fought back to 9/10 and with the home crowd cheering her on looked hot for an exciting comeback. PAR scoring leaves no margin for error however and one tin gave a relieved Atkinson the first 11/9. In the second and third Beddoes couldn’t contain Atkinson, who was now finishing anything loose clinically. She snatched the second 11/7 and stormed away in the third to take it 11/5 and wrap the first match up in favour of the visitors.

On the back court, Nottingham born and bred Lewis Walters was faring better with a strong and composed display against the young Indian Karen Malik. Too strong for Malik in all areas, Walters moved his opponent well, forcing opening after opening with good length and deft touch at the front. Sealing victory to level the match 11/5, 11/4, 11/6 Walters’ third season in the PSL team for MB Nottingham and he’s really starting to show the maturity and deliver results that are expected from a top 100 player.

Arthur Gaskin followed Walters on the back court and despatched his opponent Neil Cordell in a similar ruthless fashion. Carrying a slight shoulder injury, Gaskin was stil too strong for Cordell, far to many attacking options at the front of the court that Cordell couldn’t answer. Gaskin wrapped up the match and gave the home team a healthy 2-1 lead 11/7, 11/5, 11/3.

Following the girls on the show court we had the masters(!) Former world No. 1 Lee Beachill facing Nottingham’s former world No. 3 Simon Parke. An Interesting trivia point, both players sealed the National league title as team mates the last time Nottingham won the trophy 10 years ago in 1999! 10 years later but still an interesting and enthralling match. Parke started brightly, chasing absolutely everything as you would expect and opening up a 7/1 lead. Beachill clearly struggling for with movement, couldn’t contain Parke who forced a high pace, created winners as well as errors from his opponent. However, Beachill still maintains some formidable racket skills and kept firing the ball in for Parke to chase, a couple of errors from Parke and Beachill clawed back to 5/7 before the pendulum swung again and Parke closed the game out 11/5. The second was one way traffic, Parke stormed it, Beachill struggled to turn quickly or move forward onto the ball with any purpose Parke capitalised and took a 2-0 lead 11/2. Beachill it seemed was just warming up, his movement was vastly improved, he could ping the ball in and follow up the short game Parke was subjecting him too. The result, Parke did some serious mileage, getting the ball back relentlessly, of course Beachill was more than happy to let him carry on. Epic rallies, the crowd jumping up and down and all done in great spirit. 10/10 Parke fires in a cross court nick for match ball, two tins and its game ball Beachill, another nick and its all level at 12/12. Two winners from Beachill and he snatches the game 14/12. Beachill has broken Nottingham hearts before from similar situations so the crowd sat uncomfortably for the 90 second break. The fourth was tight until 6/6, Beachill jarred his arm trying to get the ball off the back wall and struggled from then on, tinning out as Parke sealed the deal 11/6 and confirmed a home win for MB Nottingham.

The No. 1 string and playing for pride and more importantly points on the board. John Rooney faced Canadian Andrew McDougall and started rather sluggishly. McDougall pushed the pace, extending the rallies with Rooney simply to loose to wrestle control of the T. McDougall made the game plan work up to 10/8, experience it seems kicked in. Rooney settled, tightened up his game and minimised his opponents options, McDougal on the other hand tried to force the issue and started getting ragged. Rooney soaked up the Canadian’s frantic retrieval and pushed the ball into the target areas awaiting an error or opportunity. Of course they quickly followed and Rooney closed the game out 12/10 with a McDougall tin. The tone was set and Rooney followed up with a comfortable result 11/5 in the second, while the third was 11/7.

Another sell out night, another win for MB Nottingham, a multitude of mathematical options for the playoffs but we are very much in the box seats as we travel to Chapel Allerton in two weeks time.

Dave Coghlan